When Do You Pay ITP and When Do You Pay IVA When Buying Properties in Spain


Whenever you see a property for sale in Spain the purchase price is not the full amount you will have to pay as IVA and ITP are not included in the sale price.

IVA is simply sales tax and it is set at 10% for new homes in Spain (as of 2017). IVA is paid at 10% on any new property for personal use. IVA is also paid on new commercial properties but at the standard sales tax rate of 21%.

ITP is a property transfer tax. It is paid on any second hand property purchase, whether it be for personal use or commercial use. ITP can be significantly less then standard sales tax as the highest rate as of 2017 is 11% in Valencia, the only community surpassing 10%. The rate depends on the location in Spain an there special rates for special circumstances. For example, in Madrid the rate is 6% but it is only 4% for large families.

In the case of one business selling to another business, the purchasing business can choose to pay IVA instead of ITP on second hand properties. Why would you want to pay IVA instead of ITP? A business can get money back from the IVA it paid for products and services so it may deem it to be in their interest to pay IVA.

So when making the decision to purchase a property in Spain be sure to take into account those added expenses and what makes more financial sense.